Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm working on it!!

We'll I thought I would blog a lot more than I have. Trying to find to do anything right now is hard. So I'm working really hard to make this a daily or even a weekly habit. My sister is doing the same thing and she is having a difficult time blogging just like I am. So she decided to take a whiz about herself everyday for 21 days so she can get in the habit of blogging. So I decided that I was going to do the quizes she posts right along with her. I'm working really hard to keep myself and my family up to date with the Fitzpatrick's Quiz #1 SLICE OF LIFE 1. Last person I sent a card to: It's been too long 2. What I ate for lunch today: I had sun chips, a ham and roast beef sandwich and a dr. pepper 3. Something I just learned: I'm in the process of learning that not everything has to be done right this moment. I'm learning to take a step back and relax and spend more time with my kids. 4. My favorite song this year: I really don't have a favorite song? 5. The last book I read: I'm in the middle of two books. It's very hard to find time to ready. 6. What I'm wearing right now: pajama'x 7. The last phone call I made: To my sister-in-law. 8. Inside, I don't feel very different from when I was (how old)? 9. The last restaurant I ate at was: Line Thai, our favorite spot to eat. 10. My favorite TV show is: I have a few: greys anatomy, pravite practice, biggest loser, oprah, the big give, celebrity apprentice, prison break, and american idol.

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Randy & Heather said... know you can edit these posts right. I take a 'quiz' everyday not a whiz. Well, I do that to, but not on my blog.